About us

KRUG is an independent organization with the desire to cooperate with all interested parties, starting with the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Belgium as well as with other governmental or non-governmental organizations from Serbia, Belgium and Europe.

The club is based on volunteer work and membership. Everyone who is interested in activities and socializing with people in the diaspora is invited to join and help in designing and implementing the club's program.

Every month there is a gathering that has themed activities - creative workshops for adults, children, recreation, music, socializing.

The Serbian club KRUG was founded at the end of 2019 in Brussels, with the aim of activating and promoting content for the Serbian diaspora. This content includes following activities:

  • Education

  • Culture

  • Sports

  • Entrepreneurship

as well as networking people and promoting/sharing the services our network offers

Founding members

Olivera Dražić - Gaubert

Olivera has been living in Brussels since 2004. Prior to that, she lived in Paris for 7 years. She comes from Novi Sad and Žabalj. She spent most of her career at the energy company BP. She also worked at FuelsEurope and Alcoa in Brussels. She had her first job in Novi Sad as an English teacher. In Brussels, she mainly worked in the field of government affairs. She currently works at the Fipra International consulting firm. She studied French in Novi Sad, and business and political science in Paris at the Sorbonne.

Olivera runs a women's club in Brussels, she is a council member of the Greek Energy Forum. She lectured several times at the Sorbonne, Novi Sad and other universities on lobbying in the EU.

The 'circle' (KRUG) has been in Olivera's mind for several years and she is happy to have met Avra, Radmila, Branko and other people who have similar ideas and enthusiasm. Ideas are finally concretized. Olivera wants the Serbian club Krug to be a happy club where all Serbs and their friends will come with a smile and leave with another new friend. Gens Una Sumus.


Radmila Stanojević – van Os

Radmila has been living in Brussels since 2014. Originally from Belgrade, she also lived in the USA, England, Austria and Thailand. She has been involved in project management, marketing and human resources development for a number of years.

She was a trainer and development advisor at the Ministry of Finance and Economy of the Republic of Serbia, UNDP, CRS Europe/Middle East and Wrigley West Balkans. Radmila is a certified trainer and coach of the Life Journey Map™ method based on personal values ​​and a consultant and trainer at corporate seminars on the topic of communication and leadership. Since 2016, he has been leading Generation Why Not - a company for developing people through emotional intelligence. Radmila's wish is that the Serbian club 'Krug' becomes the most creative center for cultural, sports and social activities of our people in Belgium and at the same time promotes our talents and abilities to the culture and market of Belgium and Europe.


Branko Jovanović

Born in Novi Sad, Branko has lived in Belgium for over thirty years. He worked for several years in larger Brussels cinemas (Kinepolis, UGC) as a cinematographer, after which he completely changed his professional direction and started a career as an IT consultant.

At the same time, he is actively involved in music, which is in a way a family legacy: father Rade/Raša was a famous singer of Russian-gypsy music whose music delighted the people of Brussels from the early 80s until the end of the last century, while grandfather Jovica was a tambourica player. in the RTNS orchestra together with Janiko Balaž.

Branko is quite active in the Serbian community in Belgium and loves working with children and youth - in the 1990s he led the youth choir "Duga", and to this day he follows the performances of the students of the supplementary school "Ivo Andrić".


Ivana Acović

Ivana was born in Belgrade and currently lives in Brussels. She has spent her lifetime on the Belgrade-Brussels route.

She started her working career at the Agency for Foreign Investments, then worked at the Swiss Embassy in Belgrade. She has been working as a project manager in Brussels for more than 15 years.

Together with Jelena Tatomir, she founded the club "Serbika" in 2009, which is still active in Antwerp today.

During her studies, she gave French lessons at the French cultural center to children aged 3-6, and during covid, together with Milena Crnogorac, she designed and led children's activities at the club.


Dragan Avramović

Dragan was born and lived in Belgrade until 1993, when his life suddenly turned towards Malta, where he spent 10 years with a several-month trip to Lisbon, and he also lived for a year in Budapest before coming to Brussels in 2004.

Since 2018, he has been working as an IT specialist at ING Bank, and previously, also in Brussels, faithfully serving the American company for about 11 years.

Belgian beer, Serbian brandy, French wine or Scottish whiskey with good music and friends are a guarantee for a great mood and fun.

Happily married, father of three children, fan of Crvena Zvezda, always active in sports and social events, and for the last few years as coordinator of the community of parents at the supplementary school in the Serbian language, "Ivo Andrić".